Dave on Cricket and the ATP

The Level 6 Certificate and Diploma may have been bowled out by the awarding body team SEG Awards. I rather feel a googly has been bowled to arboriculture and the bails have come off. Despite my best efforts to claim a no-ball, following a review the out decision stands. However, another team is coming into bat called the Accredited Training Programme (ATP).  This means that the industry is not stumped for providing competency-based training at a strategic level equivalent to the regulated Level 6. SEG Awards are still the awarding body in conjunction with the managing and coaching team of Tree Life. Tree Life will still be audited by external umpires appointed by SEG Awards as the governing body and rule maker.

The contents of the new programme have been written within the complicated rules of the game. Policies and procedures of Tree Life have been covered and examined to ensure play can start on time in September 2022, having gained a not out verdict, are therefore approved for use and Tree Life continues to be an approved Training Provider.

The programme will field four components and play is set to run for two years across traditional academic years making it a winter and summer series. Unfortunately, the weather in the seasons can’t always be guaranteed but the game may continue under cover as appropriate. Sometimes it may require a day night match to complete.

The players professional body (Arboricultural Association) will recognise the ATP as fulfilling the eligibility criteria for application to Professional Membership of the Association. This is fantastic news and real grounds for pitching the programme to potential new batters who require training at a high level. The scoreboard will show the name of the programme as the Accredited Training Programme in Urban Tree Management.

Entry requirements for an innings will ideally require a batter to have a scored a minimum boundary Level 4 diploma and have experience in a tree officer role or consultant fielding position. However, the coaching team would be pleased to have a session in the nets to discuss any aspect related to entry requirements and your personal experiences in arboriculture.

The assessment process leads to the building of a portfolio of evidence presented by a batter. Unlike the real game, if wickets fall, a batter cannot be out as they can come to the crease multiple times with each assignment until it’s all over.

The delivery of the programme will be online driven supported by assignment sheets, live sessions, videos, individual tutorials and written and verbal feedback provided by the coaching team.

 The programme four components are:

1.       Strategic Urban Tree Management

2.       Advanced Urban Tree Management

3.       Diagnostic Processes in Urban Tree Management

4.       Research in Urban Tree Management

The new content is largely based on the old Level 6 content however, the opportunity has been taken to catch up with up-to-date information and to remove any silly points to form the new content. The content is very focused on the employability of those undertaking the programme. Options have been removed to the pavilion for the time being.

The run up to starting play is now on – howzat?

For all enquiries, please contact Tree Life at admin@treelifeac.co.uk or phone 0116 260 6939.

About Tree Life AC Ltd

Tree Life is a company specialising in arboricultural consultancy and training for professional arboriclutural qualifications.
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