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It has been a while since the last blog, maybe nothing much has been worth scrummaging for between the posts. The winds of change are once again blowing across the arb pitch carrying substantial change to one of our qualifications. The final whistle has been blown on the Level 6 Certificate and Diploma in Arboriculture by the awarding body much to our dismay. The trainer was on the pitch to ABC Awards, now renamed Skills and Education Group (SEG) Awards, for a lengthy period however, the casualty was carried off with life changing injuries and will never play again.

In my opinion, a great penalty has been handed down by the awarding body to the profession of arboriculture by the withdrawal of the Level 6. The qualification in all its guises has been at the top of the game, man of the match and a winner for all the years that it has been available which is approximately sixty-two. To lose it, is a tragedy for the profession. I’d like to take this opportunity to sing the praises of all those that have been involved in its handling throughout those years; without them, I and many others may not have had the career that we have had. Applause required for all those that have contributed to making it a great qualification. The most recent format (Government introduced) of it has undoubtedly been a great test for candidates and centres alike – well done to all those candidates that have and will make it over the line.  

However, great news is that a debutant is going to be available although wearing slightly different colours. It can’t come on immediately as an approval process in order for it to play has to be sought. This process is underway in the back row, and we have got a real shove on to get across the approval game line ready for a September 2022 kick off. A huddle and a ruck have been had by the Tree Life experts and the content of the new programme and tactics for assessment drafted.

Tree Life will be celebrating 25 years of existence this year and the forwards of the company are proud to announce that we alone will be able to offer the new programme for Arboricultural Consultants and Tree Officers with a new title. The new programme will be at a Strategic level in Urban Tree Management. The referee and governing body will still be SEG Awards which provides governance and accreditation for the programme. Certificates will be awarded jointly between Tree Life and SEG Awards.

Ideas for the conversion to the new programme have been passed between us here at Tree Life with employability firmly in the front row to ensure every aspect of the new programme is applicable to employment as an Arboricultural Consultant or Tree Officer. The new programme is competency based which means not just gaining knowledge, but successful candidates will know how to use that knowledge and new skills in real work situations.

We are hopeful of an approval decision by the end of March at which time we will be able to provide details of the contents for you to maul over. The new programme required a new game plan, although the rules of play will be very similar to the current qualification. However, 8 units have become 4 components reflecting different playing areas of tree management. The new components will cover strategic management, advanced knowledge, diagnostic work and research, focusing on today’s needs of a professional arboriculturist having to manage tree stock in an increasingly sustainable way for the future.

For those candidates already engaged on the Level 6 with us, don’t despair you are not on the side-lines or being given a red card, SEG Awards have assured us that you have until July 2025 to complete before full time is up. Beyond that date there will be no over-time, no more shirt to pull on, no grounds on which to work and no game.

The Tree Life coaching staff and support staff will continue to provide excellent service from the training ground and changing room for all that we offer old and new.

Tree Life staff are very happy to try to answer any questions you might have regarding the changes so that any confusion can be kicked in to touch promptly.

That’s it – the whistle has blown on full time.

Dave Dowson

About Tree Life AC Ltd

Tree Life is a company specialising in arboricultural consultancy and training for professional arboriclutural qualifications.
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